Theia Trading is serving dear customers with the wholesale sale of cotton waste. Our main goal is to get 100% satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this goal, we have tried to offer the highest quality products at the most reasonable price.

Cotton waste for livestock is one of the affordable and completely organic items and a supplier of the livestock food chain. Our collection is a supplier of all kinds of cotton for livestock farms. You might ask yourself:; Why cotton waste for livestock? Why is a plant that is used for livestock called waste? To answer this question, we must first say what the cotton plant is. Cotton is a plant that grows as a bush. And it is used in the textile industry. And cotton has a very high price.

Because the cotton plant is used to produce cotton thread. Cotton thread is also very widely used in fabric production. And therefore, the cotton plant is a very strategic product for the country’s industry. But during production, it leaves waste and this waste also has many uses, and one of its very important and strategic uses is as fodder for livestock.